We wish to ensure better future for young girls living in Africa.

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CU means SEE YOU:
See you later,
see needs of people.

We always see people in need. We can see chances and new opportunities for them. We don’t agree with their status quo, so we create pro bono initiatives to aid them.


Ghana, a country placed next to the Gulf of Guinea, currently is going through a revolutionary times. In their local Asanti language, Ghana means a warrior and a king. Lately introduced reforms changed Ghana into a rapidly developing country. It is a country of enormous potential, which is not to be mishandled. Each and every donation makes a difference; it allows the country the develop even faster.

We help in Ghana - where our help makes a real difference.


CU FOR AFRICA is an initiative which we created to support people in Ghana. We wish to ensure a better future for women in Ghana; not only adults, but also young women and girls, who are only starting their journey of life. By giving them opportunity for better education we create new perspectives and not only give hope, but also a real chance for a better tomorrow.

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Ghanaian bags are not only beautiful – they bring empowerment for the ones in need, whom require understanding and support.

KENTE - traditional, characteristic for Akan people from Ghana, multicolor pattern, from which robes of the rulers were made a long time ago. It is extraordinarily energetic, full of sunshine, joy, and positive emotions! Bags with KENTE pattern give people positive vibes and are adored on streets. They are a symbol of support and solidarity with girls we are helping.

Whom do we help?


Income coming from selling Kente bags is transfered to Dolly Foundation account for Brain Girl Academy program. It is an educational project led by Rosina Akourkor Teya. The main idea behind this project is to notice girls with highest scores on exams in elementary school. Thanks to scholarships girls can continue education in high schools and after that even on Universities.

One bag you buy
is one school year for a girl in Ghana!

Dolly Foundation
Whom do we help?


Akany Avoko Faravohitra is a foundation, and also a home for girls and young women located in Antananarivo. During breaks in school girls form Akany Avoko Faravohitra takes part in educational activities in center. They learn practical skills there, such as sewing, so they can independently sew their own panties and sanitary pads. These are necessary products for everyday life. Until recently they did it all with their own hands. But from now on, thanks to CU help, they learn how to sew with sewing machine.


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